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Top 3 trends that are modeling 2017 Project management industry

The world of Project Management is always changing. Project Managers need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to upcoming changes that modify the way the work and handle with teams, schedules and corporate scopes.

But instead of swimming against the tide, embracing trends in the industry would become a powerful tool to separate from the rest, and having outstanding results in the company.

This year, it is all about the technology incorporation. Let´s have a look to the top 3 trends that are making the difference:

1. Agile expands dramatically in all industries.

Agile Project Management is spreading fast in many disciplines and it is not exclusive to software anymore. Agile is now being seen in pet food development, construction management and graphic design companies. Agile concepts and practices are now becoming highly effective and practical in several work fields, which is now becoming a must do certification to get.

2. Project Managers taking an active role as team leaders and networking agents.

Isolated teams are affecting projects ‘success. Good project managers need to understand that working together has a serious impact in a company´s future. Leadership and collaboration are key factors in putting together several teams in order to work with large projects, engaging stakeholders and incentivizing professionals to deliver better results. The solution? Networking teams.

3. The presence of Automation

Repetitive tasks consume a lot of time form team members, and also affecting processes. Automation tools keep everything in the same page. From marketing to reviewing project status, technology and advertisement gadgets (such as software and apps) are now a strong asset in a project´s team.

For more information on how the South Florida Chapter of PMI can help you obtain Project Management Certifications (PMI-PMP), please email:

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