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The PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition

The exposure drafts for our flagship standard and body of knowledge, The PMBOK® Guide, were held earlier in 2016. Our committee is currently reviewing your comments and will be making revisions in the coming months.

Agile comes to the PMBOK® Guide

New to the Sixth Edition, each knowledge area will contain a section entitled Approaches for Agile, Iterative and Adaptive Environments, describing how these practices integrate in project settings.

Detail on agile and other adaptive and iterative approaches will also be included in an appendix.

Other content enhancements include:

· More emphasis on strategic and business knowledge, including discussion of project management business documents.

· Information on the PMI Talent Triangle™ and the essential skills for success in today’s market.

PMI will allow current PMP® aspirants to continue taking the PMP® Exam based on the current version of the PMBOK® Guide for up to half a year. That means the new PMP® Exam update to be based on PMBOK® Guide 6th edition is in the first quarter of 2018. Therefore it is safe to begin your PMP® Exam preparation based on PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition as of now. PMP® Certification Aspirants will only have to study for the PMP® Exam based on PMBOK® Guide 6 if they begin their studies after 2017.

§ 1st quarter of 2017 for draft release

§ 3rd quarter of 2017 for the final release

For more information on how the South Florida Chapter of PMI can help you attain this designation, please email:

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