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The Business Analysis, a guide for a company´s success

Why do we need a Business Analyst?

Leaving a project´s fate to the unknown is a huge risk to your company. The ability to decipher and interpreting what are the conditions and threats a business may face is an important task led by a specific kind of practitioner.

A Business Analyst comes to be the missing link between the business conceptual approach and its actual abilities. BAs translate complex procedures and components into an easy to understand image route for project managers, stakeholders and senior managers to follow. They establish the performance parameters so projects can follow and fulfill business processes correctly. This means that the analysis of information is a key responsibility when matching the theory and practice in project implementation.

Nevertheless, risk prediction and parameter setting is not all the competences of Business Analysts. A BA is also responsible of understanding customers, operations and information so a company can adapt to market changes and maintain competitiveness. These are key factors in the design and application of strategies that bring projects to a successful ending. The Business Analyst light the road and sets the path to follow in order to lead a company operation to the goals that are set. The analyst sits right in the middle to warranty all customers` and enterprise`s expectations are being met without sacrificing time, effort and funds and satisfying market needs in the way.

It doesn´t matter whether we deal with small businesses or big enterprises, reading and interpreting information are vital activities to ensure the accomplishment of commercial objectives. So, analyzing information empowers the analyst to prepare the course of action of a project group and conducts the right standards of performance, feasibility and effectiveness to foresee the future trends in a market.

For more information on how the South Florida Chapter of PMI can help you obtain Business Analysis certifications (PMI-PBA), please email:


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